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Sentinel Engineering LLC
Sentinel Engineering LLC - Advanced Programs Lab
The next generation in satellite concept of operations and support services.
Our experienced professionals are the best in the industry, accustom to working challenging, fast paced, success driven projects, pushing limits and breaking paradigms of the old status quo. Space professionals and satellite operators understand the difference when they see a quality product. Our approach to research and development of C2 support systems for aerospace eliminates inefficiencies of poor design and product roll out. We explore new levels of innovation, and then bring them to reality. Improvements, most noticeable on the font-end donít end there, itís the process of quality design throughout the systems-of-systems engineering approach.
Our Approach:
How we can help you:
Advanced situational awareness tools and methods
Rapid prototyping
Superior Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
Customer confidence and support
User approval and customer buy-in
Use cutting edge commercial products
Superior Standards and Requirements
State-of-Art Technologies
Platform Development
... and support common platform upgrades for your in house systems
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Sentinel Engineering LLC
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