Data Mapping the Bakken
GPS / Remote Sensing / Data Fusion
Sentinel Engineering LLC supports Americas Energy Independence with an ambitious new mapping program for the Bakken oil play. We've synergized key technologies to enhance the mapping, navigation, and oil production for America’s fastest growing energy producing state, North Dakota. We believe there is untapped potential in using common accessible web platforms to provide products and services with many benefits to petroleum industry, associated infrastructure businesses, government, emergency first responders, transportation, as well as enhancing public safety, awareness, and support for the petroleum industry.

We’ve completed the first phase of engineering in our product development, which included building a comprehensive database of valuable oil well information in the Bakken that we’ve gathered using open source information. It’s a dynamic database that continues to grow daily, bring its own set of challenges to manage. For example, we are currently tracking over 11,000 wells operated by more and 180 oil and gas companies, with more than 150,000 data points, nearly half of these data points are dynamic.
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Sentinel Engineering LLC
The Bakken Oil Play, North Dakota
Open source GIS map information of the Bakken, near Antelope and Clarks Creek oil fields (as available on 2/8/2014).
Google Earth map of the Bakken, near Antelope and Clarks Creek oil fields (as available on 2/8/2014).
What you get when using our customized Google Maps:
We've taken traditional open source GIS mapping information of the Bakken, and migrated the information to a common online Google map platform, and provided localized oil production information viewable in Microsoft Office mobile apps, or for download and analysis onto your desktop in Excel.
Up to date with imagery of local well site activity and processing facility, features not available on public accessible GIS map servers for same date and time.
- Example features coming in our online Bakken mapping product -
However, building a database like this isn’t anything new. For years, large oil companies, including many smaller businesses, have been building similar databases which they use with their own specially developed in-house mapping products. It gets interesting when examining the gaps between various industrial products and services, and realizing where there are opportunities to use common products as simple as Google Maps to fill in the missing voids.