Contract Experience
At the Denver Tech Center
A Spaceworks International Heritage Company
Sentinel Engineering LLC

Prime Company: Sytronics, Incorporated
Contract Number: F33615-98-D-6000
Administrator: Rebecca A. Rogers

Subcontract Company: Sentinel Engineering LLC (Spaceworks International LLC)
Contract Number: 10432-9012-3801
Contract Type: Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee
Administrator: Chad S. Oster

Task Order:
     Task 1 - Training Development
     Task 2 - Training Documentation Resources
     Task 3 - Written Comprehensive Training Exam
     Task 4 - Experiment Scenarios

Points of Contact: 719-510-2603

Contract: Research and Sustainment for Crew System Interface Laboratories (R&SCSIL)
Proposal Pending: State of North Dakota - Bakken Oil Field Data Mapping and Online Navigation Platform